Calimacil: In Quarantine, With You.

Calimacil: In Quarantine, With You.

In Quarantine With You

Update on our situation

What is happening right now on a global scale is completely unreal... We doubt than anybody was expecting to one day live through something like this... but here we are.

At Calimacil, we have the incredible luck of having a very tight-knit team. We count among our ranks people who are motivated, dedicated and so, so versatile. It's thanks to those people that we will maintain our online presence, and that the company will remain active and available to you in these trying times.

Customer Service

You can still contact us! Phone calls have been transferred to Myriam, who will answer from the safety and comfort of her home! That said, please be lenient, for she won't be on the clock 100% of the time. You can leave her a message on her voicemail, or simply write to 

Online Orders

Of course, the temporary factory shutdown will lead to additional delays. Hence why we invite you to order quickly, for we will process orders chronologically.

Social Media and newsletters

During this social break, we will be active on social media more than ever. Which means more contests, more content, more exchanges with you.

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We will be ready when LARP comes back strong, and together, we will appreciate it more than ever!

Calimacil: In Quarantine, With You.


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Elijah page

I love your sword work

April 12, 2023 at 12:10pm

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