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From the vast and volatile fantasy world of Asunda brought to life by Stranger Comics and Sebastian A. Jones, The world of Asunda revolves around Niobe Ayutamu, a young half-elf warrior woman struggling with her faith in humanity and the world. Her first tale is THE UNTAMED: A Sinner's Prayer (the first season in development at HBO). It is a story of a bad man who has made a deal with the devil. He has 7 days to reap the 7 souls that murdered him and his family. He has returned Hellbent on vengeance.

Épée de Niobe

Créée en collaboration avec Stranger Comics et Sebastian A. Jones, voici l’épée de Niobe, aussi connue sous le nom de Shemlok Ja Usul Ulk i.e. l’ me de Glace, du monde fantastique vaste et volatile d’Asunda. Cette réplique officielle est conçue et construite depuis le matériel visuel original. Faite de mousse sécuritaire, elle est suffisamment souple pour un usage sécuritaire en combat simulé, mais assez ferme pour répondre au besoin du cosplay ou servir comme accessoire factice.

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THE UNTAMED: A Sinner's Prayer issue #1


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A cloaked Stranger slips into the rustic Town of Oasis changing things forever. Ten years it had been since he ran this town with malice and harshness. Even then there was hope for his soul. His wife and daughter were on the verge of turning him from wickedness. But they were murdered, and so was he. He is granted seven days to reap seven souls and gain a chance at revenge. Conflict arises as a young girl (Niobe Ayutami) reminds him of his murdered daughter. She acts as his conscience and become his only hope for salvation.

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