Sword Scabbard

The sword scabbard, an essential part

Although the sword scabbard is not a weapon or a piece of armor, it is nevertheless essential for several reasons:

First of all for practicality. Being able to put your sword down at any time and free your hands is a real advantage that is not to be underestimated! It will also allow you to move more easily and to be more comfortable in your movements!

The scabbard will also serve to protect your sword from external elements: bad weather, fall... it would be a real shame if your superb sword were to deteriorate when it could be easily avoided!

Last but not least, it adds an aesthetic touch to your character! Let's take the sword scabbard of Geralt of Riv in The Witcher. This scabbard that is worn on your back will allow you to carry two swords giving you both an advantage over your opponents while adding depth to your costume!

The Best Sword Scabbard for LARP

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