Story of the Gambeson armor? 

Characteristic armor of the XIVth century period, the gambeson is a padded defensive jacket that was very often associated with chainmail to offer optimal protection. 

The armor gambeson has however a much older history and its use as a defensive armor has been attested as early as Greek antiquity! It became the predominant armor of soldiers allowing faster movement and requiring less maintenance and repair than its metal counterparts.

In the Middle Ages, the gambeson was very often worn under other armor such as chainmail. Many soldiers only owned a gambeson that they associated with a helmet to protect themselves!

It underwent changes over the centuries, in particular by being padded in certain places, redesigned in terms of shape, before being gradually replaced by other types of armor.

Small anecdote, there were several attempts to build bulletproof vests based on the gambeson model... yes, yes you read it right!

Why choose a Gambeson armor!

Gambeson armors are known to be able to withstand shocks. They are also very effective against edged weapons and arrows, but their protection depends mainly on the thickness and assembly of their components.

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