Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, les Artisans d’Azure’s products are designed for Larpers, by Larpers. With a special attention given to durability and practicality, they offer a wide and constantly improving selection of leather armors and accessories, as well as high end or custom medieval clothes, and composite plate armors combining metal and leather.

Since their beginnings in 2009, they have been working closely with the local LARP community to stay close to the needs and passions of medieval enthusiasts. Their mission is not only to provide quality products to our customers, but to be a living and breathing part of the great hobby that is LARP.

One of Calimacil's most important partner over the years, we are proud to offer most of their product catalog on our online store.

Meet Our Partner | Les Artisans d'Azure

The ever-growing selection you can find on our website would not be possible without the relationships woven between Calimacil and many partners also from the province of Quebec, Canada. In order to let you have a glimpse of the internal workings of the entrepreneurship in the LARP community, we present you, with great pride, and honor, Les Artisans d’Azure.



Stand out of the crowd with one of Les Artisans d'Azure complete set of armor. All styles are available: barbarians, assassins, evil warriors, proud paladins, medieval knights, and more.

Want to mix and match armor parts and colors to create your own style? Go ahead! Your character will be unique an well protected.