Meet our partners | Les Artisans d'Azure

Meet our partners | Les Artisans d'Azure

The ever-growing selection you can find on our website would not be possible without the relationships woven between Calimacil and many partners also from the province of Quebec, Canada. In order to let you have a glimpse of the internal workings of the entrepreneurship in the LARP community, we present you today, with great pride - and honor - Les Artisans d’Azure.

“Basically, we are LARPers.” - Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay, president, manager and founder of Les Artisans d’Azure

In the beginning, being a LARPer and organizer involved in the LARP community, Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay began to work with leather and better his techniques for himself, then for friends. In 2005, he initiated the Les Artisans d’Azure adventure, and in 2009 he finally established his store. Since a couple years ago, Les Artisans d’Azure merged with the Atelier de l’Arbre Mécanique, a custom costume workshop led by Anne-Marie Taillefer, and their joint forces have not ceased to enrich their collections.

Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay met Patrick Lessard, founder and president of Calimacil, in 2005-2006. Patrick Lessard was on a LARP tour to promote the durability and the resistance of the sword he fabricated. In 2009, following the demand of the public, Les Artisans d’Azure began to offer Calimacil weapons in their store. In 2010, Calimacil reciprocated with a first important order, with a sense of trust as strong as steel. This marked the beginning of a partnership that still shines today because of its integrity and mutual support.

On top of their diverse collection available in many price ranges, Les Artisans d’Azure still offer custom LARP armors and costumes creation services. These projects and the perpetual development are at the heart of the creativity of their business. As Samuel himself said, to ensure a project to be well done, “ the material is chosen because of how it is used, not because of its price. [...] We are still human. The goal is not to make money, but to accomplish projects. Money is a necessity.” The founder and owner of Les Artisans d’Azure rely on creativity, integrity, collaboration, inclusion and excellence in his business where rigor and constant improvement are encouraged and seeked.

Easily noticeable by the efficient creativity of their designs and by the professional execution of their products, Les Artisans d’Azure offer a standard collection which design has been proven and put to the test in game by the craftsmen themselves; “We are players, agents in the community, cosplayers,” says Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay. Every detail is well thought out and constantly improved. Whether it is for the more sober leather armors like the Beaudoin Armor or the Borge Breastplate, or for the original pieces of the Destroyer’s Armor or for the more refined ones of the Assassin’s Armor, you can always see their signature of functionality and quality.

To the new players, Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay extol about the decorum and affirms that the costume and basic accessories are, first and foremost, the key elements to make your LARP experience even more interesting. Indeed, the costume should be thought out before the armor. A belt, a pouch and a scabbard, like the Short Scabbard, for example, would be more than useful for many years of LARP to come.

What is coming next for Les Artisans d’Azure? A roman armor should appear soon, as well as a better selection of armor pieces for women. Stay tuned!

Meet our partners | Les Artisans d'Azure


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J aimerai savoir si sont en Trois Rivierés

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