Calimacil’s next adventure: Italy!

Calimacil’s next adventure: Italy!

Samuel Tremblay-Vézina of Calimacil constantly looks out for new territories where he can expand the company’s range of action. In the Fall of 2018, he begins to discover the extent of the italian market because of a few new contacts. He unravels a thriving LARP, games and cosplay milieu that is still unknown to his team from Sherbrooke.

At the same time, the organization Sherbrooke Innopole, which is a business development catalyst in the city where Calimacil is based, incites Patrick Lessard, founder and president of the company, to participate in their 2019 edition of the Sherbrooke International program. This program brings financial support to projects allowing Sherbrooke businesses to reach international visibility. One of the favored destinations is - you guessed it - Italy.

“We are going to Lucca Comics and Games!” - Samuel T.-V.

Inspired by the synchronicity of the events, the two colleagues work on their proposition with passion with knowing what to expect. It is in a mix of joy and incredulity that they learn that their application has been chosen and that they will get the financial help that will allow them to go in that adventure for autumn 2019. The project is yet to be developed but they know one thing, there are gonna attend the 2019 edition of the Lucca Comic and Games.

The Lucca Comics and Games festival is the biggest of its type in Europe. It is 300 000 attendees each year and it is a must to attend for cosplay, animation and TV shows. Taking place in the center of a Toscane city famous for its medieval ramparts still intact. The event is fascinating for is visual and it’s the colossal size. Visit their website here:

Become Geralt

Larping is only related to the Italian festival. We needed to find a solution to valorize the presence of Calimacil’s two emissaries who wanted to meet its public and know better its market. This is where the colossal collaboration of Calimacil and CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher Videogames. The development of the Larp Gear Collection is finding a huge success among larpers, cosplayers and collectors. The launch of Geralt’s Steel Sword in april 2019 is Calimacil biggest success.

In an effort to highlight the collaboration with CD Projekt Red, Patrick and Sam are going to visit the festival with the new high quality replicas from the universe of The Witcher 3. Motivated by the close relationship between LARP and Cosplay fans, they will step into the Cosplay universe and become Geralt.

Innovative Partnership

Becoming Geralt of Rivia means creating an armor who must reach up with the high quality standard graphic of the Witcher game. Very concerned about the quality, Calimacil turned to Les Artisans d’Azure who became a first choice business partner within the last year. First called to make the Steel Sword Scabbard (the first Calimacil-Artisans d'Azure hybrid) the team of Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay got very excited about the project to craft 2 high quality armor for Calimacil’s adventurers. Their professionalism and flawless efficiency have greatly strengthened the ties between the two Quebec companies.

The long-awaited launch of October 31

It's in the craze created by the launch of the Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3 that our adventurers take a flight to Italy Tuesday, November 29. In addition, they ask you to follow them through Facebook and Instagram. The adventure is starting next Thursday October 31st the same day of a very long-awaited launch… Can you guess which one?

The heroes of this adventure...

Samuel Tremblay-Vézina

Samuel completed a bachelor's degree in 2012, the same year he started working for Calimacil. He has worked in all the departments ever since. Given that, he knows the structure of the company like the back of his hand. After he went representing Calimacil at Imaginaire’s Larp Fair in mars 2018, he got hooked in sales, marketing, and logistics. He is a big The Witcher fan and he also has a keen interest in brand development strategies.

Patrick Lessard

After completed an industrial engineering degree with a specialization in automation, Patrick Founded Calimacil in 2003. He wanted to go to Bicolline and had an idea for a summer project to make his own weapons with his friends. The project never stopped luckily for us! His interests are for creativity and product development make him an endless source of ideas. Fencing veteran, passionate about medieval fencing.

Calimacil’s next adventure: Italy!


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