Meet our partners | Zardwin

Meet our partners | Zardwin

Calimacil’s biggest strength comes from the quality of its partners. They come from multiple backgrounds and all have their own specialty. However, they all share a common quality: their passion for LARP and its community of players. Let’s bring some light onto Zardwin LARP Store and its founder, Maxime Pocius.

Being a LARPer first, he began by making his own equipment for his next event. His interest in this craftsmanship grows and he extends his services to his friends and battle brothers. The artisan started in 2002 at his parents’ house, but it’s on March 9th, 2004, that he officially founded his business. Where does Zarwin come from, would you ask? Maxime is a huge Dungeons and Dragons afficionado and his psionic character at the time was called, you guessed it, Zardwin. The name is made of the two syllables of the word “Wizard”: “Zard-Wi” to which he added an “n” to complete the name.

In the beginning, his business revolved around clothing. His first big project comes from his brother’s friend who organized the event Bières et Saveurs de Chambly around a Nouvelle-France theme and asked Maxime Pocius to make 100 shirts. Adding to this major deal for the young craftsman, he is also offered a stand to sell his goods at the event. There, he meets a groom and bride who ask him to design and make the outfits for their wedding. He then began to rent medieval outfits and other costumes. At the peak of his business, Zardwin rents 40 to 50 costumes per weekend!

Maxime meets Calimacil during his first Salon de la Passion Médiévale, which was also Calimacil’s first time. At the time, only a few sword models were available; the Excalibur, the Dark Angel, the Arthur, the Mystic and the Brennus. Zardwin’s founder became client of the first generations of Calimacil and still is today: “It’s the only thing I own. You can leave it outside. If there’s a mark, it goes away on its own, no need for maintenance. It’s perfect for me.” - Maxime Pocius.

His first passion is to meet his customers’ desires. Nothing is more satisfying to him than to pinpoint and satisfy their needs through his products. His main values and mission as a crafter is to offer a product of quality, durable, made for LARP, and at a great price - this really shows through his creations.

He is most proud of his Adventurer’s Cape. At $75, this garment is extremely durable, almost indestructible. You buy one and it will last forever. Fun fact: he has used his old Dollar store cardboard pattern since its conception. The tool now owns many layers of duct tape to hold it in place, but traditions win.

Do not let this fool you, the craftsman owns an arsenal of modern tools to accomplish his tasks, both with sewing and leatherwork. He has multiple manual presses as well as hydraulic ones. He also has a cutter press to produce leather pieces in bulk and allow for repeatability. He also uses a splitter for custom laces and straps. He owns 12 different sewing machines too and every one of them has its utility.

His products sold online are especially appreciated in the USA, as much in LARP as in Renaissance Fairs. On top of his own store and his web store, Zardwin sells in many events all throughout summer. He is indeed very proud of the evolution of his setup for Bicolline, a setup he continues to perfect year after year.

If he had to advise a new player who wants to start his LARPing journey, he would say to focus on essentials, like: a pouch, a belt, a shirt, a scabbard, and of course, THE Cape! One must not neglect accessories that give credibility to your character such as bandage kits or potion vials. For those who want to get an even more in-depth experience, custom solutions are and will remain the best way to get what you exactly want. Indeed, the craftsman offers custom services directly from his website.

Keep an eye on Zardwin LARP Store this year, many accessories, both for healing and torture - depending on your use of it, are coming, all to perfect your Decorum.


Meet our partners | Zardwin


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