Contest - Win a Free Calimacil LARP Sword

Contest - Win a Free Calimacil LARP Sword

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  • We are giving away a foam sword valued around $150.00!
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September 2019
You will see I’m carrying a Calimacil Colossal Highlander and am wearing another Calimacil Novice sword on my hip. You may be interested to know I’m 68 years old and believe I may be the oldest active LARPer in Australia. And I only use Calimacil swords.
Kim White
Mirboo North, Australia
August 2019
After years of being part of the newsletter I finally won and it is an epic feeling. I love Calimacil, both for their excellent products and for their global community feedback. Now I can´t wait to get my hands on my prize and become a Doppelsoldner at the Krigshjärta larp in Sweden."
Tobias Öfverberg
Sandviken, Sweden
Prize won: Doppelsoldner
July 2019
Big surprise when I arrived in my mailbox after my day of classes, a big thank you to the team! I will make good use of it!
Cyril Caballero
Rognonas, France
Prize won: Krug
June 2019
Ahhh thank you so much! I've been cosplaying for over 6 years now, and have done LARPing in that time! One of my favourite swords I own was a custom Calimacil sword, and I haven't been able to put it down since, either in LARP, or in cosplay. Thank you so much for the new one to add to my collection!
Josh Docking
Vermont South/Australia
May 2019
Well this is a welcome surprise. Thank you for notifying me. I'm very grateful to have been selected as a winner. My local LARP group is North River AMTgard. I just recently purchased the Agrippa II rapier from you. I'm an avid D&D player and I also just recently attended Megacon 2019 in Orlando Florida with my friends in Cosplay.
Will Owens
Jacksonville/ United States
Prize won: Wyvern II
April 2019
Thank you very much for this price, I will have another weapon to add to my arsenal for BICO !!!
Emmanuel Gauthier
Prize won: Henry's Sword
March 2019
My very first larping sword was a Calimacil. I've owned it for a little over 9 years and it is still in very good shape and I still regularly use it. I recently had the chance to battle with one of their battle axes, it was soooo satisfying but also safe for others. The quality of those products is simply amazing and I can't wait to put this new weapon to the test!!! Thank you so much for the price, I'll put it to good use!
Pierre-Vincent Bélisle
February 2019
I'm really happy to win this contest, normally I will always lose. I love your products for the image, details and the feel in the hand. And when someone buys a Calimacil sword or product you will always have the security of having the best products in the market. And of course, It's the opportunity to renew my two-handed sword.
Francesc Coll Devesa
January 2019
Yay 😁 I am so happy! A new weapon equals a new character. It will remain to find the ideal LARP. Thanks again!
Jessie Fournier
Prize won: Malik
December 2018
May it be on the lists or on the ground, nothing Is more exciting then 2 combatants fighting each other for the goal of victory. I just like to say thanks you to calimacil for the chance to win a sword. I look forward on using it on my next opponent.
Matthew Schaar
Renton/United States
Prize won: Khepri II
November 2018
I have been larping for only a couple of years but I love roleplaying in general so I enjoy larping a lot. Thank you Calimacil, you make amazing weaponry and I never imagined I would be receiving an e-mail like this. It would be an honor to strike down my foes and defend my allies with this weapon.
Pim Thomassen
Prize won:
October 2018
Wow, thank you for following up on your contest. I am very happy to win and honored to receive one of your weapons! I love them.
Jonathan Pelletier
Prize won: Ragnar II
September 2018
Thank you! I never imagined that I would receive this email. I am so happy! Again, thank you for this gift, I own a couple of your products and both of them are amazing.
Ramon Morera
Prize won: Flynn
August 2018
Thank you so much for the chance to win a Calimacil sword! I have been larping for a few years now and have always loved Calimacil weapons owning 3 of them already and using them on a regular basis.
Stephanie McIntosh
Prize won: Alesia (Dirk)
July 2018
I am the mother of two boys and a girl passioned by knights, and love to play knights at the Mount-Royal gatherings, and go to the Legendary Camps at Bicolline. The Novice II sword will be choice addition to their arsenal! Hours of fun, thanks to Calimacil's quality products, of local design and production.
Myriam Bouroche
Montreal / Canada
Prize won: Novice II
June 2018
Wow! I love looking at the Calimancil weapon range. Always such beautiful detail and character to them. This is going to be a great way to encourage me to get a LARP campaign running here in Christchurch. It will also pair perfectly with my large shield.
Scott Wernham
Christchurch / New Zealand
Prize won: Baruk
May 2018
Oh my god! This is so exciting! Thank you so much Calimacil. I can’t wait to use this fine blade in my favorite Larp The Éras Chronicles, located in northern eastern Pennsylvania. You all rock!
Adam Lazaroff
Springfield / United States of America
Prize won: Gorz
April 2018
I just subscribed to the newsletter to be aware of all the wonderfull additionnal to the store, and ending up winning is amazing. I was so surprised that I thought it was phising at first! Now I am impatiently waiting to get my hands on it and show it off at the next Griffin's LARP! Thanks Calimacil!
Dominique Schmeltz
Troyes / France
Prize won: Freydis
Mars 2018
Wow that’s fantastic! Absolutely perfect timing since I’ll be attending The Gathering this summer and I really fancied playing a spell caster for a change. Just need to decide now if I want to role-play a Mage or an Incantor.
Philip Spencer
Saffron Walden / United Kingdoms
Prize won: Pilgrim

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  10. Approval: Calimacil, being a Quebec registered company, has confirmed our contest was approved by la Régie des alcools, des courses et jeux du Québec.

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