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Bird Masks: For The Flyest of Plague Doctors

With the recent COVID-19 breakout, the world has been obsessed with trying to protect itself. People have been hoarding disinfectant, gloves, masks... This last one has been especially troublesome, for it has affected our first line of defense: the health system workers. 

Calimacil: In Quarantine, With You.

At Calimacil, we have the incredible luck of having a very tight-knit team. We count among our ranks people who are motivated, dedicated and so, so versatile. It's thanks to those people that we will maintain our online presence, and that the company will remain active and available to you in these trying times.

Meet our partners | Zardwin

Calimacil’s biggest strength comes from the quality of its partners. They come from multiple backgrounds and all have their own specialty. However, they all share a common quality: their passion for LARP and its community of players. Let’s bring some light onto Zardwin LARP Store and its founder, Maxime Pocius.