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The Concept

In the world of Seyrawyn, Dragons possess a high level of consciousness and can live more than a thousand years. Also, they remain between 100 and 300 years inside their shell before they hatch to live their life. This time period, they are vulnerable, but also attentive to all new teachings. Thus, the Lönnar’s Guardians entrust these Dragon Eggs to adventurers worthy and deserving who proved themselves so they can protect, educate, and prepare them to hatch in complete safety.


The Philosophy

When the Dragon keeper commits to protect, to teach ways of living well and to take care of his Dragon Egg thanks to the Dragon keeper’s Oath, a magical link takes place between both of them. The Dragon then commits in return to bring forth support and comfort by sharing his innate strength, each helping the other. Thus, the Dragon Eggs are allies helping to develop aptitudes to accomplish the great Quest of our Life. The Dragon keeper must follow his instinct to choose the best ally possible, whether he calls him, resembles him or completes him.


The Dragon Keeper’s Life Code


And more precisely, the Dragon keepers have…

  • An ATTITUDE: to always be attentive and respectful of himself/herself and others 
  • KNOWLEDGE: to need knowledge so he/she can share it with others 
  • SKILLS: to overcome challenges with poise and perseverance 
  • A QUEST: to triumph over the adventure of his life


How to Choose your Dragon Egg?

Method 1
Choose by the color or the energy that draws you, the dragon is calling you.

Method 2
Choose an ally who has the same affinities as you.

Method 3
Choose an ally who will complete you.


The Dragons

(In alphabetical order of colour)

The Black Dragon is a courageous Adventurer that loves challenges. He is always searching for new personal prowess.

The Blue dragon is an Illusionist. Master of games and illusions, he focuses on discovering the intents and morality of the ones he meets.

The Bronze Dragon likes to act as an Ethologist. Under his dragon’s or elf’s form, he passionately studies animals (including humans) behavior in their environment.

The Gold Dragon is a Scholar that spends his time studying. He often transforms into an elder elf or human being. People from all around, come to seek his knowledge and advices.

The Green Dragon has the soul and the attitude of a Forest Warden. He protects fauna and flora. He will often test the abilities of those who wishes to cross his little parcel of forest.

The Pink Dragon-Fairy is a Sylphid, gracious symbol of femininity. This beautiful and gentle dragon is sensitive and harmonious.

The Purple Dragon-Fairy has the spirit and the attitude of a Wiccan. He respects neopaganism. He is aware of the surrounding energies and sees all Life’s possibilities.

The Red Dragon has the predisposition of an Avenger. He upholds the laws, protects and avenges the innocents. He is the only fire-breathing dragon.

The Silver Dragon has a Druid’s attitude and spirit. Alternating between elf and human form, he is the master of the 5 elements of nature : water, air, fire, earth and metals.

The White Dragon is a real Artist. In his frozen domain, he pours his time and efforts on his artistic creativity.



The Dragon Egg Collector Set (Deluxe) includes, in a gift box:

  • The collectible marble Egg (color pattern may vary slightly)
  • The PU leather matching Pouch
  • The Dragon keeper’s Oath
  • The Dragon’s Card (Adoption Certificate)
  • The collectible Seyrawyn metal Coin
Weight (g): 410
Measurements (cm): 10,5 x 10,5 x 15,5
Materials: Leather , Metal , Plastic , Stone, Other

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