Karkatau with Tsuba

Sword of the Guardian

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Embrace the captivating blend of ancient samurai intertwined with druidic fantasy through the Karkatau Foam LARP Sword. Featuring intricate vine-like details and a powerful feline motif, this katana is perfect for both seasoned LARPers and newcomers seeking adventure.

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Length: Two-Hands



Step into the realms of ancient samurai and fantasy folklore with the Karkatau LARP Sword, the first of Calimacil's new Sentinels of Gaia Collection. Adorned with a majestic feline on its pommel, symbolizing the strength and prowess of the forest, this blade intricately depicts a katana's shape, embellished with vine-like knot patterns. Its tsuba, crafted to resemble reinforced vines, adds both aesthetic charm and practical reinforcement. Whether you're a seasoned LARPer or a newcomer to the world of fantasy, this sword promises to elevate your adventures, channeling the spirit of the jungle and the resilience of the samurai with every swing.

The safe, durable foam construction allows you to freely swing the blade in combat without worrying about injuries. Choose the Bastard or Two-Handed blade length for the perfect fit for your character. 


In the middle of the huge and festive camp, the cheers of the crowd grew deafening in the air as the bell rang on the fight’s winner. As the aspiring Guardian looked on, the stout one with boar tusks held out a hand and helped up the burly one with a large bearskin. Rivalry still shone in their eyes but she had a feeling these two would become friends over tonight’s feast as they exited the ring together.

The crowd’s attention shifted then, turning to her. Drawing a deep breath, the aspiring Guardian swept those thoughts aside and rose up to her full height, shaking her limbs to check for any piece of armor or regalia that may have loosened. As the cheers hushed into an expectant silence, she gripped her sword’s handle and made its amber eyes shine in the sunlight as she stepped forward. Across from her stood a larger opponent with an air of lupine strength but she was not intimidated; she believed in the mountain lion’s power that coursed through her body.

After a long moment staring into each other’s eyes, their bell rang and they leapt. Where the wolf swung high she hit low, and where they went low she sprung high with feline grace, her sword extending from her as a part of her body. Letting loose the instincts she had been gifted with, she yeowled wildly. Although talented, her opponent struggled to match her swift agility and when the bell sounded through the cheers, it was to her crouching astride the growling wolf’s back, gripping their throat with one hand closed like extended claws and the tip of her sword drawing a point of crimson blood. Slowly, she removed herself from her opponent and in the din of the impassioned crowd held down her hand.


Perfect for anyone who seeks to become ultimate woodland warriors and nature defenders.


  • Weight (g): Bastard: 650 ; Two-Hands: 730
  • Total Length (cm): Bastard: 117 ; Two-Hands:128
  • Blade Length (cm): Bastard: 82 ; Two-Hands: 93
  • Handle length (cm): 35
  • Grip length (cm): 25
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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