Eventide Shoulders

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Arm yourself for battle with Epic Armoury's Eventide Shoulders, inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology. Crafted from 1mm steel with leather straps for adjustment, they offer protection and intimidation for LARP warriors.

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Color: Epic Dark

Epic Dark

Size: S-M



Epic Armoury's Eventide Shoulders are designed to protect the shoulders and upper arms. They take inspiration from the tales of modern dark elves and the classic Svartálfar of Norse mythology for their appearance, giving them a deadly and unforgettable look. The shoulders are made of 1 mm steel and use sturdy leather straps for adjusting to fit. We recommend wearing a Gambeson or similar padding underneath the Shoulders to make them more comfortable and absorb any blows better.


The heavy mace clanked down on his shoulder pads, and his legs crumbled like a ruined tower being hit by a catapulted boulder. He fell to his knees, but refused to give in. Another hit, this time on the other shoulder, had him reeling, but he didn't fall. "Rise, my knight. Rise and serve the dark mother."


Materials: Mild Steel, Leather

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