Baruk II

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The Baruk II is a lighter and more precise weapon than the first Baruk. Lighter in weight, but still durable and hardy, this axe will make any warrior happy when using it in defense of their homes. Now, who's willing to fight for it?

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The updated Baruk axe features a steel head with a silver edge and a cross of bright gold. Its simple wood-like handle is light brown. The whole weapon is made of our safe and durable Calimacil foam, for years of harsh use!


The legend says that, during the ritual to crown him king, Baruk Otrygson broke the centuries-old tradition of the king using the ancestral sword, linked to his title. Wanting to show everyone he was bringing change to this world, he had himself made a new weapon to become the sign of royalty and power: an axe.

A few opposed such decision, but the Viking’s iron will made them bend the knee one after the other. He wanted to show that he would be able to bring great change and good to their community. With this axe to his side, he achieved the feats that he is now known for.


It is well-known that Vikings are the best axe users of the whole world. Every warrior wishing to attain such excellence must work hard: orc, demon and proud defender of the realm alike. By its use as a tool, this axe will also please the simpler characters such as lumberjacks.


  • Weight (g): 450
  • Total Length (cm): 71
  • Staff Length (cm): 60
  • Staff Color: Light brown
  • Head Width (cm): 21
  • Head colors: Steel, Gold
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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