Barbarian Mug

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Size: 1L




Epic Armoury’s Barbarian Mug Dark is a drinking vessel designed to hold a litre of your preferred drink. Feel the strength & valour flow through you when you hold this authentic bull horn mug in your hand, raise a toast and tell your war stories. The product is made of genuine horn harvested from the Indian water buffalo and handcrafted. The outside is polished to perfection and is smooth to the touch, while the inside is polished and treated for food consumption.

Enjoy cool and room temperature liquids in your mug while remaining in character, hiding away the unsightly plastic bottles. Our mugs are a great addition to markets and camps. With the proper care, you can expect your Barbarian Mug to last many long years.

Comes in a Dark and Light design.

Remember not to use it for hot drinks, as the heat will cause the horn to change form! Since this product is made of a natural material, every horn product is unique, and the colour may vary from the shown picture.


  • Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to use horns for drinking vessels
  • The ancient Greek term for a drinking horn was simply keras, which means ‘horn’
  • In the prose Edda, Thor is challenged to drink from a horn that unknown to him contains all the seas. He manages to drink a remarkable part of its content and thereby scares Útgarða-Loki and his kin.

Your mug/horn is made from genuine Indian water buffalo horn, a product made from real kerotin. It was handcrafted, and therefore each mug/horn is unique in its own special way, thanks to the artist and variations in each individual horn. This bowl/plate has been created especially for food use, but we do advise that you take proper care of it in order to keep the product in good condition for continued use.

In order to best care for your genuine horn product, please avoid washing it in the dishwasher or with strong solvents, detergents, and/or chemicals. Use mild soap and lukewarm water, and towel dry immediately after washing. Do not microwave your bowl/plate or use it for hot liquids, as this can melt the inner coating and extreme temperature swings can cause the horn to crack. Avoid rubbing your bowl/plate against sharp objects, as its surface can scratch. Keep your bowl/plate out of extreme heat or cold.

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