A Long Story

If you're familiar with Calimacil, you'll know that the company has a long shared history with the Duché de Bicolline! We presented our first products at the show, and it was from this experience that Calimacil was born. Today, we're more than happy to announce one of our biggest projects to date: the construction of our very own Calimacil stronghold!

The CaliHouse

A House For Bicolline & The Community

We're more than happy to finally be able to present this project to you. As Patrick said, Calimacil was born in the Duchy of Bicolline!

This construction marks an important milestone in the life of Calimacil, as we plant our flag where it all began. It's an incredible achievement for us, and one we never thought we'd realize one day!

But above all, this project is for Bicolline and for you, the LARP community. We want to be able to welcome people from all over the world, do film shoots - in short, channel all this positive energy and put it to work for you!

Discover Our Common Story

Retour sur l’édition 2023 de Bicolline!
Comme vous le savez, Calimacil était présent à l’édition 2023 du Duché de Bicolline qui s’est déroulée du 14 au 18 août dernier!

4 jours de fêtes durant lesquels se sont succédés pléthore d’activités, d’évènements et d’animations qui ont enchanté petits et grands qui ont répondu présent pour assister au plus grand évènement Grandeur Nature du Québec!
Calimacil Collaborates with Duché de Bicolline

Be! Every year, this slogan is what it’s all about for seven days in mid-August during the Great Battle of Bicolline. A solid pillar of medieval immersion, the Duchy of Bicolline promises grand festivities for its 25th Anniversary in 2022. After two fallow years, its soil will flourish with banners and standards once more. For the very first time, Calimacil has partnered with Bicolline to create stunning items worthy of this grand celebration, longer awaited than ever before, for which spectacles, quests and adventure are being made ready to go BOOM!