Zebra Longbow

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Laterality: Right Hand

Right Hand
Left Hand

Size: 68"/173cm


Draw weight: 25lbs @ 30"

25lbs @ 30"
-Always check the integrity of the string before use. Do not use if damaged. Strings can be purchased separately.
-Don't forget to check with your LARP organization for the draw weight requirements of your event.


Simple and elegant, the Zebra bow resembles a longer version of the Raptor bow with a different wood grain coloring. It is made of wood and fiberglass and features a Dymondwood riser with arrow shelf. One string is included.


Sometimes referred to as an American Longbow although not a longbow at all, the American Flatbow was developed as an experiment to test against the English Longbow in the 1930s. Of course modern laminations allow for fibreglass layers and carbon cores to make dependable, stable limbs that are fast and smooth to pull.

It is possible that this type of bow was the forerunner of the modern one piece wooden bows with recurve limbs but in archery the history of bows has such a long timeline that most "innovations" have taken place in one form or another decades earlier though using different materials.

The American Longbow is classed as recurve barebow in all disciplines apart from World Archery field and 3D, and World Archery and UK flight where it is a recognised bow type.

Scottish Archery “Archery Bow Types”  https://scottisharchery.org.uk/get-started/archery-bow-types


  • Weight (g): 
  • Length (cm/in): 173 / 68
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 25@30
  • Laterality: Right-handed, Left-handed
  • String included (cm/in): 
  • Colors: Black, Wood
  • Materials: Laminated bamboo, Dymondwood, Fiberglass

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