Welcome to the world of Calimacil Archery, where innovation meets craftsmanship! As renowned Larp weapon manufacturers, we've taken our passion for precision and design to the realm of archery. With our exclusive bow designs and a diverse range of arrow options, we've crafted a fusion of artistry and functionality that's sure to elevate your archery experience. Explore our exceptional archery products and discover a new dimension of accuracy and style in your pursuits.


Discover the heart of Calimacil Archery's craftsmanship with our meticulously designed bows, each optimized and tuned for the unique demands of Larping. Our selection boasts a wide range of options, from the classic American Flatbow for traditional enthusiasts to the versatile Takedown for easy portability. We haven't forgotten our younger adventurers, offering Youth Bows for budding heroes and heroines. And for those who prefer the agility of Horsebows or the precision of Recurve Bows, we have you covered. With draw weights ranging from 10 to 28 pounds at 29", our bows offer both power and control, making every Larping experience an unforgettable adventure.

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Larp Arrows

Experience the artistry of Calimacil Archery through our exquisite range of arrows. Our arrow shafts feature a diverse selection of wooden textures and come adorned with various fletching and vanes options, ensuring your archery gear is as unique as your character. What truly sets us apart, however, are our innovative arrowhead designs. Our Flat Head Arrowhead, developed in partnership with B3 Imagination Studio, delivers precision and accuracy, while the Round Head, crafted by IDV Engineers, offers exceptional performance. Each arrow in our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in the world of Larp archery.

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Accessories & Parts

Calimacil Archery not only provides top-tier bows and arrows but also offers a selection of essential Accessories & Spare Parts to enhance and maintain your archery equipment. From spare strings to precise nocking points, our collection, though currently small, is constantly expanding to cater to your every archery need. We understand that attention to detail is key in the world of Larp, and we're dedicated to offering the finest components to keep your gear in peak condition, ensuring you're always ready for the next adventure.

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