Woodsman Junior Takedown Bow

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Laterality: Right


-Always check the integrity of the string before use. Do not use if damaged. Strings can be purchased separately.
-Don't forget to check with your LARP organization for the draw weight requirements of your event.

This sleek Junior version of the Woodsman recurve bow is available for both right-handed and left-handed users. Safety and ease of pull are met with this bow's lower end of the scale draw weight of 20lbs/30". Featuring a beech, walnut and rosewood riser and limbs made of maple wood and fiberglass, this bow is stunning and practical. Risers include an arrow shelf and sight window. One string is included.

This bow can be easily "taken down" to maximize space when transporting. Two Easy to grip hand screws attach and detach the limbs holding them securely in place when in use.

The Modern Recurve or Takedown Bow, has the same classic shape of a traditional recurve bow with modern amenities such as an arrow shelf, and removable arms for easy transportation.


  • Weight (g): 530
  • Length (cm/in): 122 / 48
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 20@30
  • Laterality: Right-handed, Left-handed
  • String included (cm/in): 112 / 44
  • Colors: White, Wood
  • Materials: Laminated wood, Fiberglass

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