Knights Scabbard

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Equip yourself with Epic Armoury’s Knights Scabbard, a leather sheath imbued with ancient magic, ensuring your sword remains supernaturally keen for battle. Crafted for right-handed warriors, it offers style, protection, and easy draw.

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Color: Black/Dark Brown

Black/Dark Brown
Brown/Dark Brown

Length: 75 cm

75 cm
94 cm


Epic Armoury’s Knights Scabbard is a long leather sheath designed to guard your weapon from the elements while carrying it in style! This all-in-one full-blade sheath has an integrated belt and soft polyester-wool padding to protect your weapon while making it easy to draw. The Knights Scabbard is designed to fit the swords of the Stronghold Master Collection, with the measurement of the ricasso being the length difference in both scabbards and swords. While designed to fit the Stronghold Collection, the Knight Scabbard can easily fit other Epic Armoury swords, depending on length.

Note: This scabbard is designed to be used by right-handed people.


"You're a knight not born of noble blood, but of sheer will. You are known across the land for your unwavering commitment to master the sword. Your days are consumed with rigorous training, each movement refined a thousand times over, each strategy pondered with the meticulousness of a master chess player. Your scabbard, legend has it, is imbued with ancient magic. It keeps your sword supernaturally keen, its edge able to slice through the thickest armour as if it were mere parchment. More than a mere tool of war, the scabbard is a symbol of your philosophy: preparation and perfection are the true keys to victory."


  • Length: 75cm ; 94 cm
  • Maximum Weapon Length: 73 cm ; 92 cm
  • Width: 6.5 cm ; 7 cm
  • Min Waist: 90 cm
  • Max Waist: 120 cm
  • Belt Length: 128 cm

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