Halfling Takedown Youth Bow

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Laterality: Right Hand

Right Hand

Size: 54"


Draw weight: 20lbs @ 30"

20lbs @ 30"
-Always check the integrity of the string before use. Do not use if damaged. Strings can be purchased separately.
-Don't forget to check with your LARP organization for the draw weight requirements of your event.


This easy to transport, inexpensive bow is perfect for DIY! Painted black, it has a solid wood handle and flat fiberglass limbs which make molding foam or painting designs on easy. Limbs are easily removable for compact transportation and modification.

This model is also a great beginner bow for older youth. Featuring removable limbs for easy transportation, low weight for easy draw, arrow rest for ease of use, and affordable design, this bow is a great practice bow for entry level archery.


  • Weight (g): 885
  • Length (cm/in): 137 / 54
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 20@30
  • Laterality: Right-handed
  • String included (cm/in): 127 / 50
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Wood, Sisal, Polyester

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