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Building my own sword was like a dream!

I am an 11-year-old boy and I love playing with weapons of all kinds, but especially swords. I have had this sword for two months. Unlike my other swords, it has not broken. It has a few scratches on the blade and that’s all, after using it every single day and hitting this sword to other swords with my friends. I highly recommend purchasing from this vendor.

5+ year old sword

So i just wanna start by saying this sword is almost 6 years old and been heavily loved/well used and evan after all this time its still kickin and still in use today thank you calimacil for this amazing custom sword that has givin me nearly 6 years of memories and hopfully many more to come

Rapiere parfaite

J'ai toujours trouvé la agrippa 3 presque parfaite. Le seul problème que je lui voyais? 4 pouces trop longue! Et maintenant j'ai remédié au problème. En version longue au lieux de bâtarde, elle est beau mieux équilibré.

The Paramerion

I modeled this Calimacil Custom off of the types of swords those in the Byzantine Empire would wield, as a part of an Eastern European kit I am building. That being said however, it is a fantastic weapon! The weapon is extremely light while also being durable and very well balanced. The detail and profile for this weapon is also astonishing, especially since I thought it was gonna be thicker at first. The grip itself looks very much like leather cord, and almost feels like it! The grip is a sort of flattened oval so it feels very comfortable in the hand, and with the extra length given on it you can adjust the way you use it with ease, without sacrificing comfort and without awkwardness. Even though it isn’t a necessity for LARP, the edge alignment throughout is superb, feeling very natural to swing with. I would recommend purchasing a Calimacil custom if you have the money, as it exceeds expectation.

Now for the specifications for those who want this sword exactly!

Handle type: Persian
Handle color: 1 (gold)
Blade type: Cavalry Saber
Blade Length: Bastard - 81 cm
Blade color: Steel

Pleasantly pleased

The look and feel and weight feels good. Wasn’t sure how the quality would turn out. But I’m pleasantly pleased and would order again. I like the way it feels when I hold it and looks really cool in person. As far as delivery, mine arrived before the estimated time. I was glad it got it sooner than originally scheduled, just in time for Christmas! I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for realistic swords that are safe for role playing or Just for find for kids, teens, or adults.

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