Condor Bow

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Laterality: Left Hand

Right Hand
Left Hand
- Before each use, please ensure the string's integrity, and do not use if it shows any signs of damage. Replacement strings can be acquired separately.
- Additionally, always consult your LARP organization to confirm the draw weight requirements for your specific event.


Introducing the Condor Bow - Your Ideal Companion for Archery Adventures!

Perfect for any LARP character or archery enthusiast, the Condor Bow is a finely crafted piece of archery equipment that combines tradition with modern design. Its exceptional construction features bamboo wood and fiberglass limbs, ensuring durability and precision in every shot. The limbs also come with reinforced tips, enhancing their longevity. The Dymondwood riser not only adds to the bow's elegance but also provides a reliable arrow shelf for consistent aiming. Plus, you'll receive one string with your purchase, so you can start shooting right away.


  • Weight (g): 535 (approx.)
  • Length (cm/in): 157 / 62
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 24@29
  • Laterality: Right-handed, Left-handed
  • String included (cm/in): 58
  • Colors: Black Limbs, Brown, Grey, Red, Wood Riser
  • Materials: Laminated bamboo, Dymondwood, Fiberglass

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