Welcome To White Dragon Month!

December is finally here! With its snowfall and festive fireside gatherings, our white dragon has awoken from his slumber! Known for his unrivalled generosity, get ready for a month full of surprises, gifts, discounts and much more! Every day, discover a brand new gift with our advent calendar! Join us as we celebrate December in style!

A New Surprise Every Day With The Calimacil Advent Calendar

This year, our Advent calendar promises a host of enchanting surprises and lots of entertainment!

  • Contests
  • Discounts on equipment
  • Caligold Doubled
  • Mystery weapons
  • and much more!

Don't miss a single date in the Advent Calendar to enjoy all these wonderful surprises!

December 1st

Jonas Bag

December 2nd

Geralt's Steel Sword & Dagger Bundle

December 3rd

Simple Scabbard Giveaway

December 4th

Newsletter Giveaway

December 5th

Mystery Box

December 6th

CaliWORLD Giveaway

December 7th

Product Launch

December 8th


December 9th

Warrior Bundle

December 11th

Double Caligold

December 13th

Mystery Dagger

December 14th

Discount Code

December 16th

Archer Bundle

December 17th

Mystery Sword

December 19th

Mystery Box

December 23th

Bundle Deals

White Dragon Fan Fiction Contest

It's White Dragon Month at Calimacil, we invite you to channel your creativity and craft an intriguing origin story for our iconic White Dragon. In 300 to 600 words, delve into a world of ancient magic and eerie wonders, revealing how this legendary creature came to be.

Capture the essence of the White Dragon and enrich its background with your own creativity! The winning story will not only receive an exclusive prize, but will also be published on our website, immortalizing your contribution to the Calimacil universe.

Dust off your feathers, ignite your creative spirit and immerse yourself in the mystique of the White Dragon. Submissions are open until December 31. Don't miss your chance to participate bringing to life the White Dragon, one of the iconic dragons of the Calimacil universe