December 6th - Cult of the awaken Giveaway

Deep within the enigmatic lore of the Cult of the Awaken lies a mystical ritual shrouded in mystery—an ancient incantation passed down through generations, promising the creation of a humonculus, a magical being imbued with the essence of multiple elements. At the heart of this arcane riddle lies a cryptic image, a magic formula etched in symbols representing various elements of the supernatural realm.

Participants, on December 6th, dive into the mystery laid by the Cult of the Awaken. Study the cryptic magical formula adorned with symbols representing different magical elements. Compare these symbols with the provided table of alchemical symbols. Your task: spot the odd one out, the symbol disrupting the harmony. Type its name into the secret code field to unlock the puzzle. Solve this enigma, and you will have a chance to win the revered bundle — the unreleased Cult of the Awaken Staff and the illustrious Sakreiegt dagger—could be yours!