Calimacil Two-Handed Swords

A Weapon Designed To Inspire Fear

The two-handed sword refers to any sword that can be used with two hands by its bearer. There are many models of two-handed swords such as the Scottish claymore, the longsword or the doppelsoldner.

The two-handed sword was used for much of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Find out more in our article on the history of the longsword and its evolution over the centuries!  

It was acclaimed by the military, mainly Swiss and Germans because contrary to what one might think, the long swords were very handy and allowed to carry out many attacks, their weight being between 2.3 and 3.6 kg and generally measured between 150 and 175 cm.

However, it took very good skills to wield its swords, the wielders of two-handed swords were often better paid than their counterpart wielding so-called "short" swords

Why choose A Two Handed Sword

If you have arrived on this collection it is because you are looking for a devastating weapon that will inspire fear in the ranks of your enemies!

We have a collection of varied two-handed swords that can adapt to any type of character. Our swords are made with our special Calimacil foam which ensures durability no matter what situation you are going to use it in.

We have also paid particular attention to ensuring that our two-handed swords are as safe as possible. That's why we did a lot of testing to make sure.

With our expertise of more than 20 years in the manufacture of LARP weapons, shopping for your two-handed swords at Calimacil means being sure to buy a very good quality weapon with a value for money that you will not find anywhere. go elsewhere!