Calimacil Longswords

Longsword: a historical weapon

The longsword is a type of European sword that can be identified mainly by the following characteristics: 

  • Handle: 15 to 30cm to be used with two hands 
  • Double straight cutting blade measuring approximately 80 to 110 cm 
  • Weight: From 1 to 1,5 kg 

The longswords were mainly used between the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (between 1350 and 1550). Nevertheless, some uses were noted from the 12th century until the 17th century, which shows the importance that this weapon had in military conflicts. 

A historic weapon, it was able to impose itself on the battlefields and become one of the preferred weapons of soldiers due to its imposing side and the devastating damage it could cause!

If you want to learn more about longsword, we recommend that you read our article dealing with the history of the longsword and the different models that have marked the history

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