9' Telescopic Thrust-Safe Spear V3

The Ultimate Spear

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Discover the Calimacil New 9ft Telescopic Thrust-Safe Spear V3, designed for Bicolline and LARP wargames. Featuring safe thrust technology, durable foam, and adjustable telescopic design for ultimate performance and convenience.

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Telescopic Spear Head V3 (Type): Type B - Fist

Type A - Cross shape
Type B - Fist
Type C - Flat

Color: Black



Elevate your LARP experience with the Calimacil New 9ft Telescopic Thrust-Safe Spear V3, the ultimate spear designed for Bicolline and other LARP wargames. This innovative spear combines safety, durability, and convenience, making it the perfect choice for serious LARPers.

Key Features:

Thrust-Safe Technology

Thrust-Safe Technology

The spearhead, crafted from soft yet durable Calimacil foam, includes an advanced shock mechanism powered by the foam itself. This ensures safe thrusting during intense combat scenarios without compromising the realism of your battles.

Telescopic Design


The spear's fiberglass shaft is ingeniously designed in two parts, allowing it to telescope from 5ft to 9ft. This feature not only makes it easy to transport but also lets you adjust the length to comply with various LARP regulations.

Protective Foam Sleeve


The shaft is encased in a protective foam sleeve, covered with a tough Nylon ripstop material. This combination provides excellent wear and tear resistance, ensuring your spear remains in top condition while showcasing your colors proudly.

Why Choose the Thrust-Safe Spear V3?

Upgrade your LARP arsenal with the Calimacil New 9ft Telescopic Thrust-Safe Spear V3 and experience a new level of performance and safety on the battlefield.

  • Safety First: The spearhead’s shock mechanism ensures that every thrust is safe for both you and your opponents, reducing the risk of injury during combat.
  • Durability: Made with Calimacil’s renowned quality foam and a fiberglass shaft, this spear is built to withstand the rigors of intense LARP battles.
  • Convenience: The telescopic feature allows for easy transportation and storage, fitting comfortably in your car when collapsed to 5ft.
  • Customization: The protective foam sleeve’s Nylon ripstop cover not only protects your spear but also allows you to customize it with your colors, making your weapon uniquely yours.


Option: Fist

  • Total Length Assembled Minimum (cm): 212
  • Total Length Assembled Maximum (cm): 273
  • Weight (g): 1555
  • Materials: Poles: Fiberglass ; Spear Head: Calimacil Foam, ABS Plastic ; Foam Sleeve: NBR Foam ; Nylon Sleeve: Nylon ; Pommel: Calimacil Foam

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