Sven Shield 2nd Edition

Versatile and Customizable Foam Shield for LARP

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Discover the "Sven" foam shield, designed for versatility and comfort in LARP scenarios. Customize with various covers and decorations.

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The "Sven" shield is designed for maximum versatility and comfort. It features a stable plate on the back with a sturdy grip and an adjustable leather strap. Both the grip and the strap can be moved by unscrewing the bolts from the inside, allowing users to customize the fixation for their own comfort. Made from a single piece of foam and lacking a protective latex layer, the shield is both durable and practical. The inner side includes strings for attaching our "Sven" shield covers, enabling you to use a single shield with various covers. This innovative design helps save money and storage space. Customize your shield cover with patches, embroidery, fabric colors, or leather to make it truly unique.


The "Sven" foam shield is perfect for versatile warriors, resourceful adventurers, and defenders who appreciate both practicality and the ability to customize their gear. Ideal for characters who thrive in adaptable and ever-changing combat scenarios.


  • Material: Foam, Leather, Polyurethane
  • Diameter: 65 cm
  • Thickness (edge): ~2.5 cm
  • Weight: ~1.2 kg

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