Wisdom of the Druid

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The second piece of Calimacil's "Sentinels of Gaia" collection. This foam LARP staff head is designed to bring an element of fantasy adventure to your role-playing experience. Bearing an amber-eyed owl representing wisdom, this head is easily added to any Calimacil staff, making it versatile and perfect for both beginners and seasoned LARPers alike.


Among the Druids, those chosen by the Owl and blessed by its wisdom are responsible to perform the great revival rituals. Guiding the Sentinels of Gaia by listening to the whispers of the forest, they reached the sacred grove, where earth and moss scented the air, and silence held reverence. Swiftly, the small community started installing the camp and cheers of anticipation of the coming ritual and festivities could be heard.

In the twilight hours the Druids gathered around a sacred stone. With a soft murmur of incantations, the Druids raised their staffs high. The owl-headed crown of the staff shimmering in the rising moonlight. Closing their eyes, they reached out with their senses, feeling the pulse of the earth beneath their feet and the heartbeat of the forest all around them. A dance of energy and resolve woven together with the threads of magic that permeated the grove. With each movement, the Druids called upon the spirits of the forest to lend their strength, their voices rising in harmony with the rustling leaves and the gentle sigh of the wind. As the ritual reached its crescendo, a sense of renewal washed over the grove, filling the air with a tangible sense of hope and vitality. The trees seemed to sway in time with the Druid's movements, their branches reaching towards the sky in silent celebration of the renewed magic that coursed through their veins. And so, beneath the watchful gaze of a perched great owl, the Druids completed their sacred task, their spirits lifted by the knowledge that they had played their part in the eternal dance of life and death that bound the forest together. With a final gesture of gratitude to the spirits of the land, they turned and signaled the start of the festivities, their hearts light with the knowledge that they had honored the ancient duty between nature and soul.

Sursaila, Wisdom of the druid

Sursaila meaning: Wind of wisdom


Druids, sages and mystics are drawn to its enchanting essence, channeling the ancient "Wind of Wisdom" to deepen their connection with nature and unravel the secrets of the earth.


  • Designed to Fit on the Wooden Staff and Pilgrim Staff
  • No glue needed
  • Removable
  • Weight (g): 150
  • Diameter (cm): 30
  • Total Length (cm): 17
  • Insertion point Diameter (mm): 11
  • Depth of the cavity (cm): 14

*Staff not included

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