Sigur Pike with Sheath

Thrust Safe Spear

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Explore Calimacil's Viking Sigur Pike, a masterpiece merging Viking heritage with Mythic Workshop's style. Crafted for LARP, it boasts intricate engravings, an impact-absorbing mechanism, and safety sheath. Discover the pinnacle of safety and authenticity in foam weaponry.

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Sigur Pike (Length): 5'



Born from Calimacil's mastery of foam weapon craft, the Viking Sigur Pike blends inspiration from Viking warriors with Mythic Workshop's unique style. Its adorned spearhead, featuring intricate zoomorphic engravings, echoes battle-tested strength.

To ensure authenticity and safety, an innovative impact absorption mechanism is integrated into the pike's head. Additionally, for added security in combat, a safety sheath is included in this bundle.

A testament to Calimacil's dedication, this pike merges design inspiration with safety enhancements, enriching the LARP combat experience.


In the Norse realms, Sigurd, a warrior of renown, wielded the Edda sword and the Norn dagger, yet sought a weapon to carve his legend deeper.

Crafted by gods, the Viking Sigur Pike emerged—a symbol of power, hewn from Yggdrasil's heartwood, adorned with runes of ancient might.

With it, Sigurd embarked on a saga spanning realms, its strikes echoing thunder in battles against giants and beasts. The pike, an emblem of bravery, echoed his courage.

In Valhalla's halls, Sigurd and the Sigur Pike's tale resonated, a testament to Viking valor, forever woven into skalds' tales.


The Sigur Pike suits Viking warriors, barbarians, northern guardians, mythical beast slayers, tribal chieftains, and warrior poets in LARP. Its versatile design, safety features, and Nordic inspiration cater to characters embodying strength, courage, and connections to ancient cultures, offering a wide role spectrum in live-action role-playing.


  • Weight (g): 5': 805 ; 6': 940 ; 7': 1100
  • Total Length (cm): 5': 153.5/154.5; 6': 182.5/183.5; 7': 212.5/213.5
  • Staff Length (cm): 5': 119 ;  6': 148 ;  7': 178
  • Head Thickness (cm): 2/5
  • Head Width(cm): 8/8.5
  • Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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