Short Classic Cuirass

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Size: Medium


Color: Brown



The Classic Cuirass is a practical and versatile model of medieval feminine leather armor. Its simple design suits any type of LARP character while being available in multiple sizes for any body type and able to be matched with multiple accessories. Made from sturdy leather and designed to last a lifetime, this armor can even be custom-made in vegetal leather and personalized to your taste. The armor torso is crafted with parts adjustable in multiple points for comfort in all sizes. Shoulder straps allow you to adjust for torso and breast size, while back and waist straps provide two additional points of adjustment. A series of eyelets on the shoulders lets you attach any type of metal or leather pauldrons. The Classic Slattered Pauldrons give plenty of shoulder and arm protection, with internal reinforcements to ensure a curved shape over time. While this feminine LARP armor is perfect for a young warrior, militiaman, guard or soldier, it's equally well-suited to a scout, valkyrie or ranger.


In the heart of a modest, yet lively city, a young woman named Lyra patrolled the cobblestone streets, her sword at her hip and her watchful eye scrutinizing the slightest movements of the urban bustle. She was a local militia guard, the proud protector of her beloved town. Ambitious and energetic, she was as fearless at heart as she was adventurous, but she took her duty seriously.

Her leather armor, worn with pride, was the symbol of her commitment to justice and the safety of her fellow citizens. Solid yet flexible, it enabled her to move with ease through the city's narrow streets and crowded squares, sometimes uncovering insidious plots or skilfully outwitting local thieves. Despite her young age, Lyra was respected by her peers for her determination and sense of duty. She took every responsibility entrusted to her seriously, knowing that the city's security rested partly on her shoulders. For her, being a guard was not just a job, but a vocation, a way of serving her community and defending what she believed in.


  • Adjustment straps in the back
  • 3 eyelet rows on shoulders for fixing pauldrons

Regular version

  • Protection up to the waist
  • Abdomen slats for greater comfort and mobility
  • Excellent for combat protection

Short version

  • Upper chest protection only
  • Perfect for a light fighter or for wearing pauldrons
  • Excellent for great mobility and flexibility


Chest size

  • Small : 28-34 inches / 71-86 cm
  • Medium : 32-38 inches / 81-97 cm
  • Large : 36-40 inches / 92-101 cm
  • XLarge : 40-44 inches /101-112 cm
  • 2XLarge : 44-48 inches / 112-122 cm

Waist size

  • Small : 24-28 inches / 61-71 cm
  • Medium : 26-30 inches / 66-77 cm
  • Large : 30-34 inches / 77-87 cm
  • XLarge : 33-37 inches / 84-94 cm
  • 2XLarge : 38-42 inches / 97-107 cm


  • Thick leather 9-10 oz / 4mm
  • Thick leather 5-6 oz / 2 mm
  • Leather laces
  • Brass-plated antique hardware

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

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