Mystic Staff

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Featuring the "Mystic Staff", a great innovation from Calimacil in partnership with Seyrawyn.

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Length: Short



Featuring the "Mystic Staff", a great innovation from Calimacil in partnership with Seyrawyn. Crafted from a noble wood branch, note the numerous details and symbols in the rings, the comfortable interlacing of the handle, and the solidified metal veins at the ends.


Originating from the Seyrawyn universe, this legendary combat staff was first seen in the hands of its creator, a hermit living in the Feygor mountain. After perfecting his art of staff handling, he devoted himself to creating a weapon worthy of his talent. The wood essence used is maple, as it possesses exceptional properties and great shock resistance. Once carved, the elements are incorporated through a ritual to infuse the strength of each element. The sap reacts to the call and transforms into liquid metal, thus forging personalized details. Whether enchanted or not, here is a remarkable, formidable, and even legendary weapon!


Combatants, Mages, Sorcerers, Druids, and Warrior Monks, this staff will complete your arsenal to defeat your enemies. The power is within your reach! This staff combines the power of the five elements with mystical energies. Invoke fire, air, water, earth, or metal, and rest assured that their forces will amplify yours.


  • Weight (g): Short: 825 ; Long: 930
  • Grip Length: 40
  • Total Length (cm): Short: 161 ; Long: 180
  • Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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