Sachem, The Throwing Tomahawk - Calimacil LARP Axe


the Throwing Tomahawk

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In the swampforests of the Deep South, all but invisible amidst the hanging moss and marshy ground of the Peninsula, live a tribe of feral woodelves. So silent are they, and so deadly in their skill, that the Peninsula and its swampforests have remained uncolonized by any race, Man, Dwarf, Elf, or Orc. Many have tried, lured by the promises of wealth and untold resources. All have returned home again, bearing their dead--cloven by the razor-sharp blade of a sachem, the light throwing axe of the woodelves. All slain by the skill of the Swampforest People.


This generic LARP weapon from Calimacil is designed to work equally well as a throwing axe or a melee weapon. Although not as detailed as other axes, Sachem does not shirk on quality construction, and features the durable foam construction and core you've come to expect from Calimacil.


Perfect for any character from an elven huntress to a wild man to a marauding mercenary, Sachem: the Throwing Tomahawk, is a versatile weapon designed to fill a variety of character and sparring needs.

Weight (g): 78
Total Length (cm): 30
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Whisper in the wood

As you traverse through the wooden Glen that last was seen your foe, you hear a faint disturbance in the wind. You glance next to you, at you're fellow guard who lies on the ground, an axe between his eyes. Looking up, you have a thought, as you hear the same sound, "Maybe I should have become a farmer and not a guard".....
I carry three of these throwing hatchets with me and find them to be excellent quality. Heavy enough to feel I'm throwing something that my oppponents feel yet light enough to cause no pain or damage.


vraiment content de mon achat jai commender la urios et la viking ll tres bonne qualité je vais en commander plus!!

Really handy

I got this small ax for a child but it has been used in LARP by me, as well. Hung from the belt, it is the perfect grab as a secondary weapon or for those scenes when campfire tools are needed. It is as nice looking as the picture shows and a useful part of any kit. Use your gold to pick one up.


Excellent équilibre, poids mesuré, très bonne tenue en main, portée impressionnante pour une arme de jet, efficacité redoutable à moyenne distance avec un peu d'entraînement. Jamais je n'avais manié une arme de jet GN de cette qualité ! J'en ai acheté 2, je ne le regrette pas... Convient tout à fait pour du medfan. Durabilité Calimacil, on trouve difficilement mieux. La fibre solide permet de l'utiliser au corps-à-corps en cas de besoin.
Attention 1 - Ne pas jeter à pleine puissance (jet de levier) sur une cible très proche, cela peut faire mal : préférer un lancer plus doux.
Attention 2 - Certaines organisations refusent les armes de jet comprenant une fibre solide, bien que celle-ci soit tout à fait safe.
Attention 3 - Jongler avec, c'est possible et cela peut devenir extrêmement addictif ! :-p

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