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Robert armor vest

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Size: L/XL
Color: Brown
This gorgeous armor vest is quite the eye-catcher. It is made of woven strips of suede that are riveted at each crosspoint and is hemmed with suede. Thanks to this, its surface is very stable and almost like that of a brigandine. It is very flexible and hardly hinders your movements while providing good protection.

It is suitable for light soldiers and especially for archers and crossbow users since you can move around freely and keep your arms uncovered.

As seen in our costume example, the vest fits comfortably over a gambeson and pairs well with pieces of plate armor. It also combines well with chainmail or a chainmail collar and can also be extended into a suit of heavy armour by adding even more plate armor.

Although there are only two sizes, this vest can be easily adjusted thanks to three lateral buckles on each side.

Material: suede, leather
Sizes: S/M and L/XL
Weight: 3,4kg (S/M), 3,8kg (L/XL)
Colors: black, green, brown
Designed in Germany by Mytholon

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