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Rob Sharp

the Game of Foam Sword

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The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword, says my father. But to do that, I would need a sword! The great sword of my dad, which he uses to blindly administer the justice of the North, should stay in his hands for at least a few decades... Almost all my family members have their blade, even my false brother, even my sister! Will I need to cross battlefields, rivers, countless dangerous encounters before I get my hands on one? I think even a marriage would be easier! But I will have it, one day, the sword that will make everyone jealous: my family, and even those rich neighbours. They shall see!


The Rob Sharp sword introduces to the world a new Calimacil blade, with a far more realistic edge, while remaining completely safe and durable with our Calimacil foam. Steel-coloured, this blade features a silver edge and a tarnished gold guard. The handle is covered with leather alike brown foam for a firmer grip and a historical look.


Perfect for the ones looking forward to impress their fathers, or to show everyone they have what it takes to be a king, this LARP sword will point directly to your unique panache. This blade will bring joy to your entire family, as it can be used at the belt of a nobleman, or at the neck of a petty thief.

Weight (g): 394
Total Length (cm): 103
Blade Length (cm): 81
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Blade color: Steel
Blade Type: Other
Handle length (cm): 23
Grip length (cm): 14
Cross guard width (cm): 20
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Second Sword from Calimacil

I love this sword!!! it looks so good, feels great in the hand, Very well balanced. But for a LARP sword it is AMAZING!!! I already planed on buying more sword from Calimacil but I definingly will now!!! the only question is what will I get next???

The Sharpest of the Robs (By a Stark contrast)

I've had this sword for around 4 years, if not more, and have been using it steadily the entire time. This is a great sword. Well, not a greatsword, more of a bastard. It's a really good sword.
This was one of the earlier switches Calimacil made to their blades, I believe, as the Novice line we started with were quite thicker by comparison. As such, it was a nice change to this thinner blade, as it made the balance of the weapon much easier to wield. On that note, this works great as either a one or two handed sword. I was worried that this foray into thinner blades would lessen the durability and life of this weapon, but it's done no such thing in the 4 years I've had it.
It's a very simple looking sword, which I love, but it's got enough flare that I could see a knight or a noble soldier wielding this, or the common warrior character. Which I guess it makes sense for where it is inspired from. As well, I was able to create a scabbard for it, and since the blade isn't very thick, it doesn't look too bulky.
This sword handles fantastically. At the main game I play, Ashes of an Empire, it is an incredibly versatile weapon. It handles fantastically in one hand and with a shield, or using it two handed. It has a good amount of reach, but is no way unwieldly. As such, it blocks incredibly well, which is more important at that game than it is at most.
To summarize, I love this sword, and would consider it a must have if you enjoy fighting.

Great Robb Stark sword replica

Simply great, the balance is optimal.
A faithful reproduction of the original, which enclosing its unique beauty.
I love the fine blade, which is more realistic than the older swords's.
My only appointment is the handle, which is a bit different from the original.
For a true GoT fan.

A sword for the true King of the North.

I love this weapon. This is by far my favorite calimacil sword I have and I have three others. Simple in design, sturdy in build. When wielding this weapon I feel as if I am the wound wolf himself. I had the shorter version the Robert Stark, it does not hold up compared to this one. It’s longer, wider, more detailed, and all together superior.

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