Ranger Tassets

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Epic Armoury’s Ranger Tassets offer both protection and style for any LARP adventurer. Made from top grain leather, these tassets are durable and versatile, perfect for customization.

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Color: Brown



The Ranger Tassets from Epic Armoury are characterised by a plain bottom piece under a diagonal leather weave. The tassets are easily attached to a torso armour or belt using straps and cotton strings with pointy brass aglets. This armour piece is part of the Ranger Complete Armour Set but can also be applied to other armour pieces for individual variation.


“Firga smiled grimly, detached her left tasset and held it up for us to see the visible damage made by the beast. Fortunately, the Dire Scorpion wasn’t mature, but its tail poison was still corrosive enough to make amputation the only salvation against an agonising death. Firga then told us that one of her previous associate rangers had sold his armour tassets for a few tavern silver coins. Now he rested below the dust.”


Materials: Top Grain Leather - Vegetable Tanned

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