Ranger Greaves

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Complete your ranger look with Epic Armoury’s Ranger Greaves. Crafted from top grain leather and featuring sturdy stitching, these greaves offer both protection and style for any ranger or adventurer.

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Color: Brown


Size: L-XL



Ranger Greaves are beautiful leather greaves designed to protect the calves. The armour is constructed from full-grain leather straps and weaved together to create a beautiful design beneath a full-grain leather frame. Sturdy full-grain leather straps and brass buckles secure the armor to the leg.
The sturdy stitching keeps the armour from deforming with excessive wear. This armour was made for our Ranger Armour Set but has a style that will fit with other Epic Armoury armour sets and almost any costuming combination.


Materials: Top Grain Leather - Vegetable Tanned

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