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Polearm Scimitar

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Black Tiger Presents Claws... I could feel every fiber of my body, aching under the grueling training session our Master zealously supervised since dawn. White Crane Flaps Wings... I focused on the flow of Qi, inside and outside of me. Dragon and Tiger Appear... Another breath in. Guarding the Wah Yoong Gate... The sequence of moves came naturally to my limbs, now. Yet I aimed for perfection and kept asking the best of my abilities. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain... I slashed the air, feeling the full weight of my Polearm. Phoenix Dots Head... and thrust! Dark Dragon Wags Tail... One more push. Jade Belt Circles Waist... I whip the blade around me one last time, and steady I stand. Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows... Finally!

“One more time,” the Master said.



Whether you think of it as a Sovnya from late Medieval Russia or as the legendary chinese general Guan Yu’s incredible Guan Dao, the hammered scimitar style blade mounted on a wood looking staff stands out. Cinched between the blade and its haft, the tsuba Dragon* included is removable. Cast in our Calimacil foam, this safe and durable LARP polearm will impress for many years to come.



Allowing offensive and defensive combat to flow easily from one to the other, the Pole Arm Scimitar will meet the needs of foot soldiers, weapon masters, military generals, and warrior monks alike.

* Additional tsubas are available in the Tsubas & Guards section.


Weight (g): 1350
Total Length (cm): 225
Blade Length (cm): 69
Blade Thickness (cm): 2
Blade colour: Silver
Staff length (cm): 150
Staff colour: Detailed brown wood
Crossguard length (cm): 5
Crossguard width (cm): 10
Crossguard colour: Brushed steel
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Style and Quality

This is an excellent polearm. The best of original style and top quality.

The Longest And Pointiest Of All Things

I love this thing
Gonna kill lots of things with it
Best Glave in Calimacils armory

My Favourite Calimacil Weapon So Far

This beast is a pleasure to fight with. Minimal whip when fighting but has just enough flex that even striking from high guard it doesn't feel any worse than a regular sword hit.
The length is wonderful. It's almost a full armspan of handle for me which is more than enough to keep anyone with lesser weapons at bay.
The textured grip means it wont slip even in sweaty hands larping in the summer. Though I might recommend some gloves until the factory mold line wears down a bit as it can generate some friction if you like sliding your hands around a lot.
If you've been looking for a glaive/naginata/guandao with proper length and feel to it look no further.

Long pointy

Absolutely a pleasure cutting my foes at a safe distance. Who would’ve thought a sword on a stick would be such an innovation. My dog is afraid of it though

Review Polearm Scimitar

Unboxing: The polearm is basically just wrapped in foil, the „blade” is stabilized with some cardboard. I would wish for a complete coverage with cardboard because delivery companies these days tend to throw things around and this might stress/ damage the core. (2 of 5 stars)

A first look reveals many ugly holes and bubbles in the paint job (as shown in the pictures) – so its quite low quality. However, the structuring is done pretty good, the backside of the blade has a different texture than the sharp edge. (3 of 5 stars)

Handling: The staff part feels quite nice (texture / grip) and it’s easy to slide with your hands across it – allowing rapid extension of the weapon and a good maneuverability. Also, as the pole is not perfectly round so it’s easy to feel where the sharp side of the blade faces to.
When performing fast hits with it, the pole tends to bend and produces a kind of “whip” effect, which may hit the opponent (by bending around his shield/ block) but often these strikes are not counted as valid – so its confusing and also easy to hit ones face by accident. This problem exists because essentially the fiberglass core is not thick enough.
As well done I like to mention the weight and its distribution, which also enables good and fast handling and is leading to improved safety as it is possible to stop hard blows almost mid-air. (3 of 5 stars)

Endurance: I only fought a couple of times with it, so I cannot say for sure. Paint job received some minor marks and scratches as I hit the ground on accident. It’s too early to judge.

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