Pants Ull Rus Wool Herringbone

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Stay warm and comfortable during outdoor chores with Epic Armoury’s Ull Rus Pants. Made from durable wool blend, these medieval-style trousers feature a baggy design for freedom of movement.

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Color: Ash Brown

Ash Brown
Epic Black

Size: XL-2XL



Epic Armoury's Ull Rus Pants are inspired by the legwear of mediaeval Europe and are made from durable herringbone patterned wool. It is baggy from the waist down, giving you great freedom and comfort, but it tightens around the knee and down. You should wear leg wrappings around your lower legs for extra authenticity.


“It was winter out, and as he swung the axe, cleaving firewood, Fyodr swore loudly. He sent the axe through the next log, loudly cleaving it in two with a noise that sounded like a bold of lightning flying across the sky. He should have known that the work wouldn't when he saw the lazy lout chasing after the milkmaids. But in the morning, Fyodr would get revenge. The sheep needed to be brought in, and it was a long, cold and wet trek to those fields.”


Materials: Herringbone - Wool Blend

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