Orkish naginata

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Unleash terror on the battlefield with the Orkish Naginata, a polearm crafted from decaying metal scraps and adorned with aggressive spikes. Perfect for LARP combat and cosplay.

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Length: 72"



The Orkish Naginata stands as the epitome of brutality among polearms. With a crudely fashioned machete affixed to a twisted wooden shaft, its simplicity belies its sheer ruthlessness. Constructed from notched, decaying metal scraps and adorned with aggressive spikes, it was forged for one purpose alone: to eviscerate foes and leave them writhing in agony.

All polearms include:

  • A soft, durable tip designed for thrusting
  • A larger fiberglass core for improved rigidity
  • Strong and flexible reinforcements throughout the weapon
  • A counterweight in the handle for unparalleled maneuverability
  • 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • 100% waterproof and latex-free varnish
  • A safe practice naginata made of foam, designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater, and film.
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  • Weight (gr) :999gr
  • Point of balance (inch) :N/A
  • Guard width (inch) :N/A
  • Handle length (inch) :15.7
  • Blade width (inch) :4.7
  • Blade length (inch) :26.6

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