Holgar Tunic Canvas

Nordic and Medieval LARP Tunic with Wool Trim

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Shop Calimacil's imported Mytholon tunic "Holgar" for an authentic LARP experience. Perfect for Nordic and medieval costumes, made with 100% cotton and wool trim.

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Color: Black


Size: Large

All figures are in cm. Products are handmade; dimensions and colors may therefore differ slightly.


Versatile and Authentic LARP Garment

The short-sleeved tunic "Holgar" is ideal for layering over a light tunic as a warming layer. Featuring decorative wool fabric trim on the sleeves and neckline, this tunic brings a touch of authenticity and elegance to your LARP ensemble. Its simple, classic cut makes it a perfect base for Nordic and medieval costumes, ensuring you stay in character while remaining comfortable and stylish.

Material: 100% cotton, trim made of wool fabric


This tunic is an excellent choice for characters such as Norse warriors, medieval peasants, or even noble adventurers. Its authentic design and high-quality materials make it suitable for a wide range of fantasy roles, enhancing your immersion and bringing your character to life.


  • M
    • Chest circumference: 116 cm
    • Hip circumference: 120 cm
    • Width of shoulders: 48 cm
    • Sleeve length: 21 cm
    • HPS length: 82.5 cm
  • L
    • Chest circumference: 124 cm
    • Hip circumference: 128 cm
    • Width of shoulders: 50 cm
    • Sleeve length: 21.5 cm
    • HPS length: 83.5 cm
  • XL
    • Chest circumference: 133 cm
    • Hip circumference: 137 cm
    • Width of shoulders: 52 cm
    • Sleeve length: 21.5 cm
    • HPS length: 85.5 cm
  • XXL
    • Chest circumference: 141 cm
    • Hip circumference: 145 cm
    • Width of shoulders: 54 cm
    • Sleeve length: 21.5 cm
    • HPS length: 86.5 cm
  • XXXL
    • Chest circumference: 150 cm
    • Hip circumference: 154 cm
    • Width of shoulders: 54 cm
    • Sleeve length: 21.5 cm
    • HPS length: 88.5 cm

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