Musashi Katana II - Calimacil LARP Sword

Musashi Katana II

the Samurai's Blade

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Hoshiro was a legendary blacksmith. Few had the great honour of using one of his creations, but the prestige it gave made even the noblest families jealous. Passed down from generation to generation, his mysterious technique produced a blade of perfect edge, and the handle was made specifically for the one it was destined to. Many wished to buy these sabers, but the smith had a golden rule: only the worthy would be allowed to use the swords. Thus, only the purest of souls could pretend to the title of first owners of these swords, and all knew their names. This allowed the katanas, if stolen, to be found almost immediately.


This new Calimacil katana includes the most important elements of the old one: the Calimacil foam, both extremely durable and safe. However, the katana now has a new, thinner blade, steel-coloured with silver accents. The handle is now white the wrappings are black for a contrasting look. Golden details such as the pommel have been added for a renewed realism.. This katana’s tsuba can be changed with any one of our other tsubas, so your sword can be truly unique. Important : Don't forget to get a tsuba for your katana sword. These are sold separately.


Every Japanese character will want to put his hands on the noble efficiency of this sword. Those who are from high birth and other nobles who wish to show their prestige will especially appreciate this katana, known to all. The adventurer using this swords is sure to have a pure heart… or to have successefully plotted an evil plan.

Weight (g): 525
Total Length (cm): 114
Blade Length (cm): 81
Blade color: Silver , Steel
Blade Type: Katana Sharp
Handle length (cm): 33
Grip length (cm): 27
Cross guard width (cm): 6
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Love the balance, and not too wobbly. Planning to make my own guard... still may purchase a Tsuba.


Not normally someone of many words, but I've bought 4 weapons from Calimacil and all of them have been excellent quality, and held up extremely well even when heartily abused. Will likely buy from Calimacil soon as my wallet recovers.


This is my second purchase of a Musashi Katana II, and I am extremely pleased with both. I have been looking for a practice katana that is suitable for sparring, and this is by far the best I've found. It is extremely tough, well-balanced, rigid enough to turn a heavy blow but padded enough to be used without an excess of armour. The flexible tip adds safety, preventing thrusts to the face and throat from being overly dangerous. It's also gorgeous, with intricate details and colours that don't bleed over into the other components. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy using these swords. 10/10

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  • Is it any tsuba included?

    Unfortunately, no tsuba is included.