Metal Ingot

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Discover Calimacil's new Metal Ingots, crafted from premium foam in Gold, Silver, Steel, and Copper. Perfect for LARP, cosplay, and theater, these realistic ingots bring legendary treasures to your role-playing adventures. Safe, durable, and incredibly detailed.

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Color: Copper

To offer you the Ingot at a reasonable price while maintaining the unique character of real ingots, minor visual imperfections like bubbles may be visible, typically on the underside. These small flaws add to the authentic charm and individuality of each piece.


Experience the splendor of the past with Calimacil's Metal Ingots, meticulously crafted from high-quality foam to resemble the coveted metals of old. Available in four stunning variations—Gold, Silver, Steel, and Copper—these ingots are perfect for LARP, cosplay, and theatrical productions. Each ingot is designed to look and feel authentic, ensuring they enhance your role-playing experience without compromising on safety or durability.


In the heart of the ancient kingdoms, where alchemy and craftsmanship intertwined, the rarest of metals were forged into ingots of immense value. These precious ingots were sought after by kings, adventurers, and merchants alike, each dreaming of the wealth and power they symbolized. Now, Calimacil brings these legendary treasures to life, offering you the chance to hold history in your hands.


Whether you are a mighty warrior seeking to barter for powerful weapons, a cunning merchant trading in rare goods, or a noble alchemist crafting potions of great renown, Calimacil's Metal Ingots are the perfect accessory. These versatile props can add depth to any character's story, providing a tangible link to the riches of a fantastical world.


  • Material: Durable Calimacil foam
  • Dimensions: [Provide specific measurements]
  • Weight: [Provide specific weight]
  • Available Colors: Gold, Silver, Steel, Copper
  • Safety: Designed for safe use in LARP and other role-playing activities

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