Manus fibula

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Fibulas are used ever since the bronze ages to close clothing on the wearers body often referred to as "the buttons before there were buttons". They were used up to the late medieval period, until the button and buttonhole were introduced. Used as jewlery, they were often decorated rich.

The "Manus" fibula is made simple, yet decorative. The ends are turned towards the front view of the spectator and twisted into circles. The fibula is built along patterns of early medieval viking pictures from Skandinavia. The fibulas steel was not sanded down completly to keep the rough look of the piece. This way it keeps the authentic look. All our cloaks and coats can be worn with a fibula, as long as you remove the buttons and decide to poke through the fabric with the long thorn.

Material: steel Outer diameter: 7cm Weight: app. 50gr

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