Ozoshann's Magical Orb

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At Ozoshann's Magical Emporium our team of wizards and apprentices roam the realms in search of the finest arcane components to bring you the highest quality in terms of magical items possible!

Our arcane engineers have just finished developing a magical catalyst for your wizard staff. These catalysts allow you to amplify your elemental, para-elemental, and quasi-elemental spells so easily that even the village idiot could do it!

Each sphere contains an ethically sourced fragment of elemental spirit and you know it ... If Ozoshann puts his name on this product, it's good quality!

Get your own Ozoshann’s Elemental Catalyst today!


This staff head automagically transforms your Calimacil wooden staff giving it a mystical cachet! Each staff head comes in the form of a sphere adorned with swirling patterns mounted on a metallic-looking piece vaguely reminiscent of a claw.

This staff head can be assembled without glue and therefore diversifies the look (and uses) of your Calimacil stick and is made of a soft foam which makes it safe for use in simulated combat.

Comes in a variety of sphere and claw colors.


The staff head is perfect for all characters with a mystical vocation: Sage, magician, sorcerer, necromancer or even a cleric or an oracle.


  • Designed to Fit on the Wooden Staff and Pilgrim Staff
  • No glue needed
  • Removable
  • Weight (g): 120
  • Orb Diameter (cm): 10
  • Total Length (cm): 23
  • Insertion point Diameter (mm): 38 x 30
  • Depth of the cavity (cm): 20

*Staff not included

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