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For four days and four nights, she had been on the hunt. Across rivers, woods and plains, she followed her prey. Looking at the tracks, she deduced she was getting closer still. The beast would be put down. It seemed to have taken shelter in a hillside cave. She advanced with caution, as nothing was more dangerous than a cornered beast. That's when she saw it. The biggest and ugliest troll she had ever seen. She froze for an instant, until she was sure she hadn't been spotted. She only had only one shot at this. If noticed, that monstrosity could crush her with one blow. There was no room to use her magnificent bow in that tunnel, so she had to rely on the sword hanging at her hip. With cat-like reflexes, she ran on the uneven ground and jumped toward the creature. One blow, the trolls head severed. The Woodland Realms had been avenged.


This sword has been specifically designed to be handled quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing any aesthetic. Made with our safest Calimacil foam, it will remain safe for years of use.


Special thanks to Sam Epic Jonsson for suggesting this great name on our Facebook page.


The Elven aesthetic of this weapon is undeniable, and will therefore make a trusty ally for any defender of the forest, or any elvish warrior really. Rangers and Druids can appreciate it as well, for it's look as well as its usefulness. In the end, who are we kidding? What fool wouldn't want a piece of Elvish Craftsmanship at their side?

Weight (g): 350
Total Length (cm): 87
Blade Length (cm): 69
Blade Tickness (cm): 2
Blade color: Steel
Blade Type: Cavalry Saber
Handle length (cm): 21
Material: Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Elegant Blade

Slim design, well balanced and comfortable to hold and wield. Served myself and my Elven bride well in combat.

Great sword

This sword is amazing it's easy to wield and not to firm

Nice, compact saber with lovely style

I had to get to an event and actually play with this boffer to really appreciate its feel. I would suggest wielding the boffer with a slight pistol grip, held very close to the pommel.

It swings well and looks great!

Beautifull sword

As to me the sword looks fantastic, for newbies it could be a bit heavy, but honestly for me it is really comfortable.

Bonne arme

+ Très bonne balance, elle se manie très bien.
- Pic un peu mou. La couleur de la garde déteint rapidement.

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