La Patate

Unleash the Power of La Patate

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Unleash the power of La Patate, the epic foam LARP safe throwable potato, crafted from Calimacil's new Mellow Foam. Perfect for characters who seek unexpected tactics. Order yours today!

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For information: Just like real potatoes, the shape you receive will be random. Choice not available for color, natural potato colors will be produced at random.


Introducing La Patate, the latest innovation from Calimacil. Crafted from our revolutionary Mellow Foam, softer than ever before yet still possessing the heft required for thrilling throws. Each potato shape is meticulously painted to resemble a real potato, ensuring every order yields a unique combination.


Legend speaks of an innkeeper turned adventurer who, in a moment of dire need, was saved by the mighty "La Patate." It soared through the air with unparalleled grace, striking down foes and turning the tide of battle. From that day forth, the legend of La Patate was born, a symbol of courage and unexpected power.


La Patate is perfect for characters who rely on swift and unexpected attacks. Whether you're a mischievous rogue looking to distract your foes or a whimsical bard adding flair to your performances, La Patate is your trusty companion. Even legendary figures like Olga, the renowned adventurer from a distant realm, have been rumored to wield such potatoes in their daring escapades.


  • Weight(g): 60-85
  • Length(cm): 12-14
  • Width(cm): 4-5
  • Material: Mellow Foam

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