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the Fierce Wolf

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Length: One hand


In old-Norse, ‘Krieger‘ is the name given to fierce warriors that have seen and survived many battles. This Viking axe displays symbolism of the wolf, distinguishing itself by its unique style and for what it represents. This axe made its first appearance in the hands of a group of Viking veterans on a distant island called Arisan. The rumours concerning theses axes were that they had been especially enchanted to be Wolfsegen, special talismans known to grant power over wolves and werewolves. Wether or not these are just legends, when you do meet a group of guards of the great Jarl, a wandering skald or even just one Viking with a Krieger in his possession, I can only offer you one piece of advice: stay wary, as this may be your last battle! Such is the reputation of this fabulous weapon!


The Krieger axe features a steel head with a celtic wolf engraved. The black handle imitates leather for a firm grip, while the pommel is shaped like the head of an incredibly detailed dire wolf. The whole axe is made of our unique Calimacil foam, so it will stay safe even after countless battles!


Celtic warriors will appreciate the design of this axe as well as its use as a tool. Many druids, shapeshifters and barbarians may use this weapon as it will bring them closer to their animal side. Finally, due to its intricate details and fine engravings, this axe can be used as a ceremonial piece, or as a gift to a foreign ruler as a sign of peace.

Weight (g): One hand : 550; Two Hands : 750
Total Length (cm): One hand : 68; Two Hands : 98
Grip length (cm): 22
Staff Length (cm): One Hand 36; Two Hands : 66
Head width (cm): 20
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
courte à deux mains parfaite pour un guerrier au bouclier

le design est parfait et efficace, la prise en main est effectivement idéale à 2 mains, mais l'équilibre permet une utilisation en main principale, à condition de pouvoir combattre avec 500g , ce qui facilite vraiment le réalisme en combat. La robustesse permet une parade efficace et l'ensemble aspect + poids rendent les coups réalistes pour l'adversaire . Je ne peut me résoudre à remplacer ma Dan-Axe Skaegi par la Krieger, mais elle est plus pratique dans les rues.

A long-awaited legend

While the shipping of this product ran into some problems and communication was spotty at times, in the end I recieved this beautiful axe and couldn’t be happier. I look forward to using it at future events!

Great dualwielders

The krieger axe works super well for any dwarven or viking character and the attention to detail is great they are very easy to control and make them very comfortable for dualwielding

Excellent, but with caveats...

This axe looks nice, but it takes a little getting used to, which might not happen for everyone. There are two points to beware, at least with the shorter "hand and a half" version:

1) The balance of the axe is more towards the handle. Unlike the Baruk, which is head heavy, this axe has a point of balance just in front of where the grip area starts. This makes it a bit more nimble, but it is not what one expects of an axe and may take a little getting used to (as a chunk of steel would suggest a balance towards the head). I had a bit of trouble adjusting to it, and the swings at first felt off. What I find helpful here is to experiment with where on the handle you are going to be holding it when you swing. If you get used to it, though, the length of the grip allows for quite a number of different ways to swing it. Once I adapted to it, I felt much better about it. So caveat number 1 is that you may need to adjust a bit to get used to how it feels to swing.

2) I wish we had some handle measurements with some of these products. The measurement around the grip is potentially too much depending on your hand size. I got used to it, but I have medium-ish sized hands, whereas someone else might find it a little cumbersome. Again, perhaps this just requires some getting used to, because I would have said it was uncomfortable as well when I first started swinging it around. So Caveat 2 is beware for your hand size. The measurement around the grip is about 12cm or 4 3/4 of an inch. It is not a completely circular grip, though, which is good.

Caveats aside, this is a very good axe, and it has some things to recommend it (aside from the fact it bears a resemblance to the class of axe used in that God of War 4 game). Here are a few:

1) Wolves. If you like wolves, the wolf theme is quite nice. Seems lots of people like wolves...

2) The shape of the axe head (a bearded axe shape) is not overwrought. It is of good size, and it hits satisfactorily, but it does not feel clumsy. I'm not sure about how highly I recommend hooking other weapons with it, but you could manage to do so, in theory.

3) The grip allows either use with a single hand or with two hands in a pinch. This is essentially a 'hand and a half' axe, which makes it functionally different from the Baruk. As I did not get the longest version, I can't say about that one (which would obviously require two hands), but the shorter option is quite nice and should allow a nice bit of versatility. The grip is also a more oblong than completely circular, which helps give a sense of axe alignment.

Overall, quite a good axe.

Best Axe

This is by far the best axe I have ever used at larp. It has insane durability

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