Ketill Trousers - Fishbone

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Color: Bordeaux


Size: L/XL

The waistband of these trousers is really wide. Do not be surprised at its extend: it is attributable to the typical cut of Rus trousers.


A tie string allows individually adjusting the trousers to the wearer – the folds in the fabric can be evenly distributed along the waistband. Although you wouldn't believe it at the first glance, you can tie these trousers very tightly, so they are also suitable for slender people. With this kind of trousers, the sizes pertain more to the leg of the trouser legs and, most of all, the calf width.

The trousers are made based on the historical example of Rus trousers. These were worn in the eastern Baltic Sea region up into the 11th century. The cut is very generous and allows great freedom of movement. The trousers are tied at the waist and around the knees. Traditionally, the calf portion is very narrowly cut with this kind of trousers. If you're a frequent cyclist with "strong" calves, we recommend choosing a larger trouser size. The elaborate herringbone pattern makes these trousers suitable for the portrayal of noble characters.


Material: fishbone (30% polyester, 30% acrylic, 21% wool, 13% cotton, 6% viscose)

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